History of Christ Church, Healey

The history of Christ Church begins in 1846, when an order in Council was issued on the 21st August and published in the London Gazette on the 18th September in the same year.
By this order the hamlet of Healey and certain adjoining districts were formed into an independent parish, and the Reverend Taylor Stanier was put in charge by the Bishop of Chester.
On the 23rd of December 1846 a meeting was held in the warehouse of Messrs John and Robert Tweedale, woollen manufacturers of Broadley Mills to consider the desirability of opening a Temporary Church and Sunday School at Birches.

The foundation Stone was laid on Thursday 12th July 1849 by Jacob Tweedale of Healey Hall, assaited by Captain Albert Hudson Royds of Brownhill, according to Masonic Rule.
The Church was Consecrated on the 16th October 1850, by the Right Reverend Prince Lee,S,DD., Lord Bishop of Manchester and the Reverend Robert Minnitt, BA appointed as first Vicar, the Reverend Taylor Stanier having passed away on the 24th March 1850.