Bell restoration

Restored bells arrive from the foundry


As a result of the Quinquenial inspection in 2008, the Parish Architects advised in 2011 that the spire needed further investigation and the PCC instructed steeplejacks to inspect the spire at close quarters to assess its overall condition. Their report with supporting photographs was received in March 2013. This report was reviewed by our Architects in October 2013 and they expressed the view that the works on the spire should be considered urgent and encouraged us to investigate potential grant funding to assist with the rebuilding of the top of the spire and repointing of the spire and tower.


There was obviousley a need to rescue this important and significant Parish Church to ensure that it remained as a visible local landmark in the North Rochdale area. Corroding steelwork within the upper space of the tower was compromising it’s stability and if left serious damage would have occurred to the masonry therefore rebuilding was considered necessary at this stage to ensure it’s safety in the long term.


The conditions in the bell ringing chamber were untenable during frequent periods of heavy rainfall due to the deteriorating condition of the pointing of the tower, and it was thought that repointing should address this problem and extend the use of the chamber.


Electrical installations within the tower, including access stairs, bell ringing chamber and belfry had been inspected and shown to be hazardous. Therefore Health and Safety for those using or accessing the Tower would be improved internally by virtue of renewed electrical installation providing adequate lighting and power


As the base of the tower is renovated a resource area was planned to show the history of Christ Church, which could be accessed by local schools and community groups in the future.The bell ringing team are eager to train local groups in the skill once it is safe and dry to do so. It will also be a more attractive proposition to visiting Campanologists. This is supported by consultation undertaken with local secondary and primary schools.